The e-PATRIOT – driving the future

The 100% electric shuttle bus with zero tailpipe emissions

Newport Coachworks has been developing its pure-electric versions of shuttle buses in the same range of models as conventional-fuel vehicles. The e-Patriot is perfect for back-to-base runs like school buses or airport shuttles do. The electric shuttle bus does not only allow a massive reduction in CO2 levels but it also helps businesses and local authorities to work in a more cost efficient way.

In addition to the potential savings in fuel costs (electricity is on average just 20% of the cost of diesel per mile travelled), electric buses benefit from a number of federal and state-based financial incentives that allow their owners to reduce significantly the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Several US states provide considerable funding for projects that reduce air pollution from on- and off-road vehicles, as well as tax incentives and have put in place laws and regulations to encourage the deployment of EVs. Newport has compiled a comprehensive database of all incentives and subsidies available State by State, to ensure potential purchasers have the latest information on the real TCO for operating one of these zero emission transport solutions.

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  • 100 miles range on a single charge
  • 60mph top speed
  • Composite floor – lighter weight and longer durability
  • No vibration
  • Virtually zero noise
  • E-Care maintenance program
  • Lower maintenance (1 moving part in an electric motor)
  • Many financial incentives for Electric Bus use available