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Green Automotive Company (OTC:GACR)

Green Automotive Company (OTC:GACR) is a corporation originally organized under the laws of the State of Delaware in 1996, but re-incorporated in Nevada effective June 3, 2011. GACR’s primary focus is the acquisition of businesses involved in the manufacture and sale of both Diesel, Gas and CNG buses, as well as businesses developing electric bus technology. GACR is the parent company of Newport Coachworks. Inc, (“NCI”) a wholly-owned subsidiary incorporated in the State of California on October 10, 2010 which operates from its 40,000 square foot coach building facility in Riverside, California. NCI recently introduced electric bus technology with the launch of its 15 to 23 seat E-Patriot model and its 27 to 33 seat E-Atlas model. GACR and NCI President/CEO Carter Read, an industry leader in the bus and limo manufacturing business, who is credited with more than 25 years of experience in the transportation manufacturing industry, has positioned GACR to be one of the most innovative bus manufacturers in North America.

GACR is focused on developing, manufacturing and selling the finest range of conventional and electric driven high quality shuttle buses, initially for the North American market, but ultimately for export too. Newport Coachworks’ Riverside,CA facilities are equiped to accommodate all phases of the bus development process, from design and prototype construction to various mass-volume production and assembly stages through completion and delivery to its dealer network. The company uses highest-grade equipment and technology, which enables the manufacturing of coaches with a very high level of quality craftsmanship and reliability at competitive pricing.

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Green Automotive Company (OTC:GACR)
5495 Wilson Street,
Riverside, California 92509
United States
Phone: 951 900 4300